Regenerative Agriculture

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Vulnerable farming communities in eastern Africa are facing a triple C crisis as conflict, Covid shocks and the climate crisis cause widespread threats to lives and livelihoods. Hunger is rising, with thousands of people in Ethiopia and Kenya facing acute food insecurity as harvests in the traditional 'food basket' regions fail.

Farm Africa is raising funds to help farmers across eastern Africa regenerate their land, build climate-resilient businesses and grow more food.

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Farm Africa's Patrick Nyaga trains farmers on a demonstration plot

“We use our training plots to teach how to fertilise crops sustainably and return nutrients to the soil, and techniques to increase microbial health that lock in the carbon and nitrogen plants rely on.”

Patrick Nyaga, Coordinator of Farm Africa's Regenerative Agriculture project in Kenya

Photo by Farm Africa / Brian Ongoro


In Embu, Kenya, there used to be regular rainfall patterns and fertile soil, allowing farmers to grow staple crops such as maize, bananas and beans in abundance. Farmers could produce enough food to supply many communities and earn a reliable living.

Today, things are looking very different. Extreme weather and a growing population have led to soil degradation, making it difficult for farmers to grow enough to feed their own families, let alone enough to sell. The ‘food basket’ that thousands rely on to survive is almost empty, and malnutrition is becoming a serious problem in many parts of Kenya.

Together, we can help farmers across eastern Africa regenerate their land and grow more food.

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Through training, you can help farmers in eastern Africa develop the agricultural and business skills they need to adapt to these challenging times and replenish the food basket.


Your donations are put to many great uses, such as helping farmers learn the benefits of planting nitrogen fixing crops, such as climbing beans. These crops give vital nutrients to the soil, making it more fertile. This helps crops around them to grow.


With your help, farmers can reduce their reliance on expensive synthetic
fertilisers, by learning how to use organic, nutrient-rich manure on their farms. This reduces costs, enhances the soil and helps it hold more water so crops can survive for longer in dry weather.

Water conservation

Farm Africa encourages water conservation and trains farmers in mulching techniques. Applying mulch, a loose layer of shredded plants, protects soil and supplies it with nutrients. Mulching helps soil retain moisture by shading it from the sun and protects against heavy rain and extreme temperatures.


Your support helps farmers learn how to grow different crops simultaneously on the same plot of land. Intercropping can make soil more fertile. The secondary crops support the primary crop by repelling pests or providing shelter, while giving another income in case the primary crop fails.

Business skills

Your support can provide training where farmers can learn how to strengthen their farming businesses. From finance and bookkeeping to sales, farmers learn how to reach wider markets and increase their incomes - so they can provide for their families, invest in their future and even create jobs for the wider community.

Photo credits: © Farm Africa / Brian Ongoro

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