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Climate smart: your help could sow seeds for the future

With the climate emergency worsening every year, we are dedicated to supporting a new generation of adaptable, knowledgeable farmers who can thrive despite the challenges ahead. Your gift will go a long way in helping to change lives. 

Christina is a sorghum farmer in a remote village in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. Like many others, Christina relied on sorghum to earn an income and feed her family but droughts often left her unable to grow enough.

Because of the lack of income, I failed to send the children to school and couldn’t afford medical services. It made me sad.


Thanks to the climate-smart innovations Farm Africa could bring into her community, Christina's life has taken a turn for the better - your support could change more lives.

Please, donate today to help more farmers

Rethinking farming, with your support

Our experts are delivering training in climate-smart agriculture practices which increase productivity and build resilience to the impact of climate change.

From accessing drought-tolerant sorghum seeds to mastering crop rotation, rural communities can increase their incomes, provide for their families and protect the earth they rely upon.

New skills

Our experts are delivering training in climate-smart agriculture practices so that farmers can make the most of what they have.

Feeding the soil

There are also tree varieties that increase the soil’s nitrogen levels – a vital nutrient for plants. With your support, we have already distributed more than 10,000 of these tree seedlings to date, and farmers are beginning to see their productivity increase because of healthier soil.

Cutting waste

We are helping farmers like Christina to protect their harvested sorghum and prevent any of it from going to waste. By connecting them with local warehouses and suppliers who can sell them tarpaulins and bags for drying and storing grains, they can preserve their harvest, reducing waste and ensuring they can sell it for a higher price throughout the year.

Growing for themselves

An exciting part of this project is that we are also supporting farmers to plant vegetable gardens at home or in community plots. As a result, farmers like Christina have started growing an impressive variety of fruit and vegetables. Not only does this help diversify farmers’ incomes, but it also allows them to provide more nutritious diets for their families.

A donation from you could help more farmers across eastern Africa sustain profitable businesses despite the changing climate, creating brighter futures for entire communities.

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