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Fundraising ideas

Here are a few tried-and-tested Farm Africa fundraising ideas to get you started. Give them a personal twist to make them your own.

Stuck for ideas or need some more advice? Give us a call on 020 7430 0440 or email and we'll be happy to help. 

Share the knowledge

Can you cook, play an instrument, do magic tricks or speak another language? Why not hold a lesson for your friends and ask for donations in return?

Drawing of African huts

Coffee mates

Invite your friends round for coffee – and don’t forget the collection box! Give it a theme and hold an Ethiopian coffee ceremony! 


 African nosh for dosh 

Drawing of a saucepanRustle up some ugali, fry some sukuma wiki or bake cassava chips. Download these recipes (PDF) or contact us for more ideas for your ‘mealie meal’.

Give it some welly

Hold a welly ball, wear your wellies to work, hold a welly sports day or bake some bootiful biscuits. Whatever, help us stamp out poverty the welly way. Boots are great for collecting coins in - and you could link your fundraising with our Give Hunger the Boot appeal.

Speak up for Africa

Hold an evening of talk and debate about Africa or farming or any other subject of your choice. Charge for entry or ask for donations.

Photo funFundraisers dressd in cow suits

Bring a funny photo into work and hold a caption competition. Workmates pay to enter and the winner gets a framed copy of the photo and caption for their desk.

Sports day

Drawing of a rugby ballHold a tournament and charge to enter a football, rugby, or rounders team. Follow it with a BBQ, tea or garden party for all the players, family and friends.


Going, going for gold

Hold an auction of promises, ask friends and colleagues to donate a promise - and let the bidding begin.

Raise some doughDrawing of a cupcake

Ask everyone to bake and donate cakes, buns and biscuits and then sell them – it’s amazing how much flour power can raise.

Seeds of change

Drawing of a hand dropping seedsOffer your gardening skills in return for Farm Africa donations. You could offer to weed your mum’s garden in return for a donation to Farm Africa, open your garden for a fee or sell your excess veg, plants, eggs or seeds at a village fete.


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