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Business to business fundraising

Our projects help farmers to get their products into stores. Our projects help farmers to get their products into stores.

Farm Africa believes Africa has the power to feed itself. We are a different kind of charity; we don’t give handouts, but rather help Africa’s people grow themselves out of hunger and poverty with practical tools, training and expertise. Last year, we reached 1.8 million people, and we need your help to reach even more people in 2016. 

Supporting Farm Africa doesn't just help farmers, it can also be good for business. Cullisse, a company producing high quality rapeseed oil in the Scottish highlands, has seen a benefit to their business from their support of Farm Africa:

Cullisse is a young, growing, business. Our partnership with Farm Africa has helped us to cement relationships with our customers and to drive sales. In addition to the quality of the product itself, retail buyers and executive chefs alike see value in working with a business that gives something back. Since we started making a donation of 20p to Farm Africa for each litre of Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil sold, we have seen sales increase annually by over 140%.

Robert Mackenzie, Managing Director


There are also several ways you can get your suppliers and clients to engage with Farm Africa. Here are two examples to get you started:

  • Sweeten the deal by offering your customers an incentive to buy certain products or specific volumes by committing to make a donation to Farm Africa on their behalf.
  • Encourage your customers to pay their invoices promptly by offering to make a donation of £10 to Farm Africa for each invoice paid by a certain date. Paying on time will not only make your finance department happy; £10 could provide ten farmers with 1kg of specialist seeds each, which can help them grow a future free from hunger. 

There are many other ways to fundraise, and we’d be delighted to discuss your ideas in more detail and support you in your fundraising. Get in touch with Penny Ruszczynski on 020 7067 1239 or send an email to