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Our work in South Sudan

Farmers digging up cassava plants to harvest the tubers. Farmers digging up cassava plants to harvest the tubers.

South Sudan is one of the world’s newest countries. Following two decades of civil war, South Sudan voted for independence from Sudan, forming a separate country in July 2011.

Although South Sudan is ranked among the world’s least-developed countries, it has vast natural resources and huge agricultural potential, with more than 90% of the land being suitable for farming.

However, the long civil war has left the country with limited access to basic services for its people. The war prevented those who stayed from working the land and some eight million people were displaced from their homes. Many of these are now returning with few possessions and poor prospects.

Farm Africa is not currently working in South Sudan due to the ongoing civil war and deteriorating security situation. We continue to review this situation and hope to return to providing small-scale farmers with the support they need to farm the land effectively, when the security situation makes this feasible.

Projects in South Sudan