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Africa's forests are at severe risk due to increased demands on natural resources from a growing world population.

Forests provide a major source of income for millions of poor African people who traditionally live by tree-felling and selling timber, firewood or charcoal.

Farm Africa brings together these communities and local government to share responsibility for developing sustainable plans for the forests. We've been working on our participatory forest management system for several years. 

Our forestry expert Tsegaye Tadesse talks to the Guardian about how we've developed this system for forest communities and governments to jointly manage forests in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Protecting biodiversity

In return for protecting precious biodiversity, communities are allowed to harvest the forest in a sustainable way, making use of forest resources such as:

  • wild coffee
  • spices
  • medicines
  • honey.

Farm Africa has helped to develop new and valuable markets for these products.

Our forestry work