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The road ahead for rural communities in eastern Africa continues to be challenging, due to the global economic crisis and the long regional drought. But, thanks to our supporters, the farmers we work with are gaining the knowledge and skills they need to navigate whatever comes their way...

Coffee farmers in DR Congo are now producing some of eastern Africa’s finest Arabica coffee.

With funding from the European Union, Farm Africa is helping coffee growers on the borders of the Virunga National Park to gain the certifications they need to sell their excellent coffee internationally.

We're supporting coffee cooperatives to refine each step of their coffee production process, from enhancing their agricultural practices, to improving their processing techniques.

Until recently, coffee from DR Congo was relatively unknown, but Virunga's farmers are now selling their coffee for premium prices. In one year, 404.4 tonnes of coffee was exported at a value of $1.35 million!

Farmers in eastern DR Congo work in extremely difficult circumstances, meaning growing and exporting coffee here is no mean feat. And that’s why the success that they have achieved is all the more impressive!

Discover more about our work with coffee farmers in DR Congo

You can also find out how a Farm Africa project has helped women in the Bale Eco-region of Ethiopia to stay safe and save time by establishing water sources in their neighbourhoods.

Water shortages are a serious challenge in the Bale Eco-region of Ethiopia. Deforestation in the highlands and erratic rainfall are putting pressure on the area’s already scarce water resources. It’s common for families of seven people to get by on just five litres of water each day. Thanks to your support our work in the Bale Eco-region, funded by the EU and Jersey Overseas Aid, means women who were once walking for up to eight hours a day to find water can now access drinking water on their doorsteps.

Dr Diana Onyango: Staff Spotlight

Diana is our featured staff member in this edition of From the Field. A qualified veterinary doctor with over 20 years of experience working in the Horn of Africa, Farm Africa was delighted to welcome her on board to lead the Livestock for Livelihoods programme back in 2020. Since then, Dr Onyango has become one of Farm Africa’s key technical experts, providing support to teams across the organisation.

Read her interview here


One couple’s experience demonstrates the life-transforming potential of farming.

David and Joy’s agricultural journey brought them not just prosperity…it also enabled them to become a family. As you will see from these stories, your support impacts the lives of many people, in many different ways.

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Photo Credit: by Carl de Keyzer / Magnum Photos for the Virunga Foundation / Farm Africa

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