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Keeping up with technology

The use of mobile telephony in delivering community-based decentralised animal health services in Mwingi and Kitui Districts, Kenya. Working paper series no. 10

PDF - 560kb

Farmer participatory research in Northern Tanzania

An examination of farmer participatory research in Tanzania as a successful model for future implementation. Working paper series no. 11

PDF - 1187kb

Goat's milk: A viable contribution in the challenge to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the Mbale Region, Uganda?

This paper explores three main areas relating to mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Africa. Working paper series no. 12

PDF - 1437kb

Creating sustainable agricultural impact for smallholders: MATF innovative partnerships and approaches

4th MATF experience sharing workshop, 3-6 September 2007

PDF - 3490kb

From grassroots to government: Farm Africa's experiences influencing policy in sub-Saharan Africa

Influencing national policy in the natural resource sector in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Policy and research series no. 5

PDF - 781kb

Tracking the performance of livestock banks managed by land reform groups in the Northern Cape

Lessons learned from the implementation of livestock banks in South Africa. Working paper series no. 5

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Land restitution and livelihoods: the #Khomani San

Working paper series no. 6

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Kenya dairy goat and capacity building programme

A socio-economic baseline report. Working paper series no. 7

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Socio-economic assessment of four MATF-funded projects

Working paper series no. 8

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The Goat Model

A proven approach to reducing poverty among smallholder farmers in Africa by developing profitable goat enterprises and sustainable support services. Working paper series no. 9

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