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Joshua and the beanstalk: a tale of a brighter future

21 December 2017

Joshua terms joining Farm Africa’s Growing Futures project and being trained in the production and marketing of horticultural crops as the best decision he has ever made, one that has given him a new lease of life economically. 

Does farming need a rebrand to encourage more young people into agriculture?

18 December 2017

Farmers are ageing: the average age of a farmer in many parts of the world is around 60, and rising. So where have all the young farmers gone and who is going to farm our food in the future? That’s what BBC World Service’s The Food Chain programme set out to discover.

Credit where credit is due: big businesses urged to prevent collapse of voluntary carbon market

13 December 2017

Farm Africa is urging big businesses who have signalled support for the Paris Climate Agreement to help make it a reality by ensuring a healthy future for the voluntary carbon market.

Fish feed trials underway in western Kenya

08 December 2017

Farm Africa has released five videos outlining the process behind setting up a series trials comparing the use of different strains of tilapia and different types of fish feeds on tilapia production in Kenya.

New Ethiopian weather stations look to take the bite out of climate shocks

06 November 2017

A set of new automated weather stations has been installed in Ethiopia to help pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities respond better to recurring climate shocks.