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Our approach

Pastor David Mutinda and his wife Kavutha Mutinda attend to their bean farm in Kitui county, Kenya Pastor David Mutinda and his wife Kavutha Mutinda attend to their bean farm in Kitui county, Kenya

We are a leading NGO specializing in growing agriculture, protecting the environment and developing businesses in rural Africa.

The World Bank estimates that growth in the agricultural sector is two and a half times more effective at reducing poverty than growth in other sectors.

Practical approach

By ensuring farmers have the right tools, seeds and techniques, we help them double or even treble their yields – ending their reliance on food aid and helping them to become self-sufficient.

By building links to markets, we help them sell their surplus – so they can afford to send their children to school and reinvest in their land.

By training them how to add more value to their produce, we help them build businesses and become rural entrepreneurs – bringing major social and economic benefits to the entire community, country and continent.

Spreading knowledge

Farm Africa tests new technologies and trains farmers in them. Success breeds success and once trained farmers pass on their new know-how to others, ensuring our work has an impact well beyond our projects.  

By testing farming approaches in the region’s various soils and climates, the evidence we collect is more robust and the techniques we spread are proven to work.

We are developing new, self-sustaining business models, such as:

  • Sidai - a franchised animal health social enterprise
  • Enterprise fund - supporting small-scale producers using innovative technologies to improve production
  • Public sector relationships - connecting forest communities with local government

Farming without frontiers

Our approach is to spread tried-and-tested methods as widely as possible. Although eastern Africa is widely varied in its landscapes and peoples, there are many common farming problems everyone faces. Farm Africa shares knowledge across communities, without the constraint of country borders.We increasingly work on regional projects that are for more than one country.