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Turning honey into money

Minael lives in Tumati village in the Mbulu district of Tanzania. Life in this forest community is difficult and Minael struggled to send her children to school. As a woman, Minael wasn’t allowed to participate in beekeeping which meant she couldn’t collect honey to sell at the market. It isn’t culturally acceptable for women to climb trees and the honey was traditionally collected from hollowed out logs hung high in the forest canopy. But Minael was pleased to receive five modern beehives from Farm Africa which can be kept at ground level close to the family home, so she can care for her children and earn money from honey too.

New source of income

Minael received all the training and equipment she needed for successful beekeeping. She currently harvests around 150 litres of honey a year providing vital additional income for her family. She takes her honey to be cleaned using a machine Farm Africa gave the beekeepers in her village, before saving some for her children and selling the rest at market. Minael can now  pay for her children to have a good education.

Increase her beekeeping business further

“My life will improve because I am earning good money. I would like to increase the number of hives I have, so that I can have more income", Minael says.

Your gift of $25 could help provide a women with a modern beehive and the opportunity to earn money selling honey.