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Urgent Appeal 2021

  • 5% of the population of eastern Africa face food insecurity because of locusts and COVID-19


With your support, farmers will have the tools and knowledge they need to build strong, sustainable businesses that can survive a crisis.

Anastasia Mbatia, Farm Africa's Technical Manager for Agriculture




Farmers across eastern Africa are fighting against two devastating crises: a vast locust invasion and the coronavirus pandemic.

With no means to trade during enforced lockdowns, farmers are suffering damaging losses from unsold harvests. And without a way to access high-quality seeds and fertilizers, many are struggling to keep their businesses alive. In these circumstances, families often have to sacrifice healthcare and their children’s education to ensure they can put food on the table. This is a position no-one should have to be in.

These twin crises are affecting millions of people in eastern Africa who were already facing food insecurity every day. But with your support, we can help more farmers fight the extreme poverty they’re facing.

Please, make a donation today. You could help provide farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to build stronger, sustainable businesses that can thrive, even during a crisis. 


Your support could help farmers to improve their agricultural practices and strengthen their business management skills so that they can overcome crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and locust invasions. Farmers with strong, robust businesses can continue providing for their families in times of emergency.

  • From processing techniques—such as turning sunflower seeds into oil—to developing storage solutions that prolong the shelf-life of the produce, the new skills farmers learn allow them to always have a product to sell, even when catastrophic events happen. 
  • With your help, we also support farmers to form co-operatives, so that together they can sustainably manage their natural resources, preserve their soil and sell their crops in bulk to get a better price. 
  • And when lockdowns force transport systems to a halt, those who are working together also have a better chance of accessing high-quality seeds and fertilisers. 

Your support is invaluable, and we promise to make the most of your donations by focusing on the following: 

Quality and Quantity

Quality and Quantity

Helping farmers to increase the quality and quantity of their produce by providing them with access to high-quality seeds and expert training.



Promoting agricultural practices that help farmers use their natural resources sustainably — so they can continue farming for generations to come.

Business Skills

Business Skills

Strengthening farmers’ business skills; from financial management to navigating global markets. We will also help farmers form co-operatives — so they can sell their produce in bulk and get a better market price. 

Photo credits: © Farm Africa/ John Spaull