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Fuelling the future: Kenya's urban farms

Grace is 18 years old. She has her whole future ahead of her, and Farm Africa is proud to have given her the fuel to start this exciting journey.

Growing up in the Dagoretti district of Nairobi is not easy. It’s one of the most overcrowded parts of the city – and the population is expanding. Rapidly. Resources are stretched to the limit. This brings chronic food shortages, and with them the risk of malnutrition and other poverty-related health problems. It’s a hard reality that young people like Grace face daily.

Across the district a network of 15 urban farms set up by Farm Africa are providing a much-needed break from Dagoretti life. Local school and community groups each received a donation of livestock, together with training in organic farming practices. Dagoretti’s new urban farmers were soon growing the food they needed to support their local community. We even helped them sell their surplus crops by linking them with a new micro-enterprise scheme.

For young people like Grace, these urban farms are a chance to gain vital skills in food production and nutrition. Her new-found knowledge means that she can now grow a balanced diet for herself and her family.

Farm Africa’s work here might have finished, but thanks to people like Grace, Dagoretti’s urban farms will continue to grow. They are a foundation for life, and fuel for the future.

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