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Coming together for long-term change

Ethiopia has come a long way since the newsreels of the 1980s. But another year of failed rains has put the country back on edge. Unable to rely on the weather, Farm Africa is helping a team of local pastoralists fight back. Together.

Going by the name of ‘Nashimeko’ – meaning love – a group of 14 pastoralists in Ethiopia’s Hamer district came together to form a new fruit and vegetable enterprise.

Livestock struggle to survive in dry conditions, and with the Hamer district hit hard by drought, the group wanted to diversify their sources of income.

So the past four months have seen Farm Africa give this entrepreneurial team a helping hand to start growing crops. First Farm Africa showed the Nashimeko group members how to prepare and maintain their land.

We also showed them planting, spacing and irrigation techniques. Ready to go, we provided the equipment and seeds they would need to launch their enterprise and grow a wide range of crops.

It took four months of hard work. But it was worth it. The determined group even sourced a new supply of groundwater, which Farm Africa helped them store, meaning they will be able to farm all year round.

No longer bound by drought, their fields are now bursting with an impressive array of tomatoes, onions, peppers and cabbages. A bountiful supply of fruit and veg that has improved the team’s diet.

What’s more, the group sells their surplus produce in a small shop. Not only does this allow the farmers to earn an additional income, it’s also made nutritious produce available in their town. Energised and inspired, they are even looking to pool their profits and grow their business further. 

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