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Food and confidence in South Sudan

Wani is a former teacher and father of three living in rural South Sudan. Since he left teaching after not being paid for a year, he has been selling charcoal, and grass for thatched roofing, to cover the cost of educating his children.

The unreliable weather and the cost of seeds and fertiliser meant that Wani could barely grow enough food to feed his family. They were surviving on one cup of porridge in the morning and a small meal in the evening.

Food all year round

Farmer Wani and his familyFarm Africa is working with farmers’ groups to introduce cassava, a crop which copes well in very dry conditions.

Our staff showed members of local farmers’ groups how to plan the planting and harvesting of their cassava in rotation across their land, so they can make sure they have a year-round source of cassava to eat and sell.


Farm Africa is also linking Wani and his fellow farmers to South Sudan Breweries, who will buy any surplus crops they want to sell after providing for their families. The brewery will extract the cassava starch to use in the brewing process.

Thanks the marketing training we gave the group, their confidence has grown and they are better able to negotiate the best possible price for their produce.