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Farm Africa's Kenya Market-Led Aquaculture Programme Gender Impact Study

Farm Africa is committed to applying gender responsive approaches to all our programming. The findings of this report will ensure that women, men and young people are given equal opportunities in the aquaculture value chain in Kenya. 

PDF - 4512kb

Transforming rural Africa: strategic plan 2016-2020

Effective agriculture has the power to change lives. Farm Africa has an ambitious strategy for the next five years to expand our work, increase our impact and make change happen.

PDF - 1001kb

KMAP consumer insights study

This study, conducted by the Grass Company, examined consumer preferences and perceptions of Kenyan farmed catfish and tilapia. 

PDF - 1938kb

The market for farmed fish in Kenya

Our KMAP project aims to get more Kenyan consumers eating farmed fish rather than wild fish. This report, produced by Lattice Consulting, examines the Kenyan market for fish in more detail. 

PDF - 2466kb

Fish farming and the environment

More intensive fish farming can have serious environmental consequences. This report, produced by Golder Associates, provides a framework for the aquaculture industry to be transformed in a climate-sensitive way. 

PDF - 2536kb

Seasonal food calendar

Enjoy the benefits of eating seasonally with our food calendar.

PDF - 850kb

Sustainable livelihoods through ecosystem conservation

As part of the European Union's 'Supporting Horn of Africa Resilience' (SHARE) initiative, Farm Africa is working to reverse the damage done to the Bale Eco-Region of Ethiopia and boost livelihoods in a sustainable way. 

PDF - 2431kb

Fundraising pack

Everything you need to plan a fun and successful fundraising event, from guides to publicising your event, stories from the field and tips on staying safe. 

PDF - 4452kb

Sidai - a social enterprise in Kenya

Sidai is a social enterprise in Kenya set up by Farm Africa. It runs a network of centres providing high-quality crop inputs and livestock and veterinary services to farmers in rural areas.

PDF - 1344kb

Annual Review 2015

The 2015 annual review highlights successes from our programmes in eastern Africa and provides an accessible insight into our work over the year.

PDF - 2102kb

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