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How your gift will make an impact

Rose is 80 years old. Like many her age, she is a grandparent. But to her four grandchildren, she is much more than that. She is their future.

After the death of her two sons, Rose took on the care of their young families. She is determined to give them the chance to build their own futures. And that plan starts with education.

But Rose lives in the Kitui region of Kenya. Here, unpredictable weather meant her family was living hand-to-mouth. If the rains didn’t fall, she would struggle to harvest enough food. With no surplus crops to sell, she couldn’t afford to support her grandchildren’s schooling.

In 2014 Rose became involved in Farm Africa’s project and joined the Kathivo farmers’ group. Our team taught the farmers all about water and soil conservation. They also showed them how to grow drought-tolerant crops. It was then that Rose’s situation began to change.

Rose and the Kathivo farmers’ group worked so well together that Farm Africa chose them to become seed suppliers. This meant that they would learn how to produce high-quality seeds suitable for sale - giving farmers across the region the best chance of a good harvest. When Farm Africa linked the group with a local seed company, Rose knew she had an income she could rely on.

Today Rose is safe in the knowledge that she can now grow and earn enough to meet her family’s needs. She doesn’t need to worry about her grandchildren’s future anymore. They’re living it.

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