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Why I'm considering a career in international development

03 August 2017

As a 16-year-old who has just finished his GCSEs, I could be doing whatever I want now in what I am told is the ‘longest summer of my life’. But I have no regrets about coming to do work experience at Farm Africa this week.


It's time for a business approach to African agriculture

17 July 2017

It's time for a business approach to African agriculture. Making farming profitable can offer multiple benefits: livelihoods for young people, global food security and a higher quality of agricultural produce for consumers.

Making conservation profitable

17 March 2017

Conservation can be profitable. In Ethiopia's Bale Eco-Region we're helping farmers to secure bigger profits, while also protecting unique ecosystems and natural resources for generations to come.

The three key ingredients necessary to achieve food security in Africa

01 March 2017

Feeding a growing number of Africans requires more than just boosting harvests: environmental sustainability and access to the markets are equally important, says Farm Africa CEO Nicolas Mounard.

How much do we value agriculture?

27 February 2017

Across all societies, irrespective of wealth, culture and climate, farmers make a vital contribution to not just food security, but the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the greater population.