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The sprouting of a new food movement

19 June 2018

The new Chefs for Change movement unites the world’s best chefs with the world’s most remote communities in transforming lives through sustainable farming.

Potato power: how a switch from white to orange is tackling hidden hunger

14 May 2018

Despite their enormous contribution to combating hunger globally, smallholders are disproportionately vulnerable to malnutrition. New crop varieties are helping smallholders fight back against micronutrient deficiency.

Agroecology in Action: Forest-Friendly Farming in Ethiopia

21 March 2018

On the International Day of Forests, Nicolas Mounard, CEO of Farm Africa, urges action to rescue the ailing voluntary carbon market that forest communities in Ethiopia are counting on.

Tackling food waste from field to fridge

13 March 2018

Working in partnership with FoodTrade ESA, Rikolto and Rural Urban Development Initiatives, Farm Africa is helping tackle food waste right at the start of the supply chain.

Meet Joyce, a female farmer filling the gender gap in agriculture

08 March 2018

Where does the gender gap in agriculture still exist, and how can we fill it?