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Kate Adie hits airwaves for Farm Africa

24 September 2012

Veteran BBC world affairs correspondent Kate Adie recently hit the airwaves to explain why she is such a committed supporter of Farm Africa’s work.

The hugely respected journalist, who is also a Farm Africa Ambassador, was taking part in a series of radio interviews which were broadcast right across the UK. Kate was joined in the interviews by Farm Africa’s Chief Executive, Nigel Harris.

Kate spoke passionately about how she had seen with her own eyes the difference made by our work on a recent trip to two Farm Africa projects in Ethiopia.

And she emphasised that the reason Farm Africa’s work has such impact in transforming lives on the ground is because it does not focus simply on short-term solutions to hunger. Instead, she argued, Farm Africa is providing farmers with the training, tools and information they need not just to grow enough food now, but well into the future as well.

Listen to Kate speaking to Northern Ireland’s Downtown radio about Farm Africa’s work:

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