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New project with Feed the Future will help coffee farmers reduce the risk of volatile prices

13 February 2020

Farm Africa announces the start of a new project, funded by USAID’s Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation programme, working in partnership with Root Capital to help coffee cooperatives in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo reduce the risk that volatile prices in the global coffee market pose to smallholder farmers’ incomes.


Desert locust infestation threatens harvests across eastern Africa

13 February 2020

Several communities working with Farm Africa in Ethiopia and Uganda have had crops, livestock fodder and trees destroyed in the worst desert locust invasion to hit the region in decades. Farm Africa is currently developing materials to disseminate to small-scale farmers on control methods for desert locusts.

Farm Africa welcomes first crossbred goat twins in Namalu

05 February 2020

Farm Africa is excited to welcome our first crossbred twin baby goats from our project Livestock for Livelihoods. The offspring were born from a local goat from Namalu Nakapiripirit District in Karamoja, Uganda, which was cross-bred with a high-yielding dairy Toggenburg goat.