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Farm Africa runner awarded Prime Minister's Points of Light award

31 October 2017

Charity marathoner and fundraising legend Tim Jury has received the prestigious Points of Lights award from Prime Minister Theresa May in recognition of his incredible volunteering work for Farm Africa.

Food industry execs break beehive building record

24 October 2017

Fourteen senior women business leaders from across the food industry have successfully built 120 beehives in Tanzania in just three days, eclipsing their 2015 record of 90 hives over three days.

Honey makes money in the Nou Forest

20 October 2017

In the two years since 45-year-old Joyce Lali from the remote village of Erri in the Babati District of Tanzania became a beekeper, she has created a buzzing beehive business that continues to grow.

Bermi beekeeping group reveals ambitions for their honey processing centre

19 October 2017

Honey harvesting and processing is a sticky business, but with the help of Farm Africa, the Bermi village honey processing group’s ambitions of reaching a more lucrative customer base are edging closer.

Buzzing with excitement about building beehives

16 October 2017

British businesswomen return to Tanzania to support local female beekeepers.