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A farmer sorting vegetables in Kenya   Mary Kimani standing in a field   Kenyan smallholder farmer   Kenyan smallholder farmer   Kenyan farmer on her farm after a flood   Working together helps farmers grow   Sabrina Dhowre Elba visiting a Farm Africa vegetable packhouse in Kenya   Beatrice a Village-Based Advisor from Kenya   Goats on a farm in Kenya   Lucia a smallholder farmer from Kenya   Maritha a smallholder farmer from Kenya   Sabrina Elba at the launch of Farm Africa's Giving Circle   Maritha a smallholder farmer from Kenya   Agroforestry in Kenya   Farm Africa team at the London Coffee Festival   Sabrina Dhowre Elba Patron of Farm Africa Giving Circle   I joined the #brewvolution   Ugandan coffee farmer   A female farmer practising regenerative agriculture in Kenya   Coffee cup   Village-based advisor   Mother and son   Dr Diana Onyango   Dr Diana Onyango   Jenifa farm to market alliance   Ugandan coffee farmers   Sir Michael Palin   Beans in a pod   A women's horticulture group in Chamwino Tanzania   Dr Diana Onyango at the Oxford Farming Conference   London to Paris cycle   Tanzanian farmer with her child   Three children holding a goat in Ethiopia   Farm Africa NFU parliamentary reception   Producing seeds in Tanzania   Gaspar   High-quality seeds   Kenyan fish farmer   Tanzanian farmer   Tanzanian farmer   Sabrina Dhowre Elba visiting Farm Africa's work   family sharing snack   Tanzanian child   Staff training session   Farm Africa Ethiopia Country Director Shewit Emmanuel   Farm Africa Chief Executive Dan Collison at the Global Food Security Summit   Tanzanian family   Patrick Nyaga, regenerative agriculture project manager in Kenya   Tanzanian farmer   together we can do so much   World Food Day food hero   World Food Day food hero   World Food Day food hero   World Food Day food hero   World Food Day food hero   World Food Day food hero   Tanzanian agribusiness   Leopard in the Serengeti National Park   woman contributing to VSLA   Coffee farmer   farmer demonstrating onion storage   Lion in the Serengeti   Lilian Kenyan farmer   Team Mahale   Team Mahale   Ethiopian farmer checking prices by SMS   Mahale Mountains in Tanzania   Popsorghum in someone's hand   Wills image 2023   Mary Temu and Helena Lawi   Coffee beans   Mahale Mountains challenge   Ethiopian farmer   Tanzanian business   A female farmer sorting peas in Kenya   ICAI learning event   Urban agriculture project participant   A female farmer in the Waitrose supply chain in Kenya   Mahale Mountains Challenge for Farm Africa   Suzanne a coffee farmer in southwestern Uganda   Team in Uganda   Grow more, sell more and sell for more   Tanzanian business   Tanzanian business   Carbon credits   Impact in 2022   London marathon runners   Mahale mountains challenge   Annual review   Cultivate business   Dan Collison with coffee farmers in the Bale Eco-region in Ethiopia   Dan Collison with coffee farmers in the Bale Eco-region in Ethiopia   Farmers in the Central Rift Valley in Ethiopia   Logos of donors supporting Farm Africa   Women sorting green beans in western Kenya   Bale community   London marathon runner   Farm worker Kenya   Women with goats in rural Uganda   Margaret, a regenerative agriculture farmer from Embu, Kenya.   Stephen, a packhouse worker in the Waitrose supply chain in Kenya   Mary a sunflower farmer from Manyara, Tanzania   Urban agriculture   Chefs' football   Ecotourism in Ethiopia   Urban agriculture   Nature-based solutions   Ugandan coffee farmer   RH Amar Chefs Football   Ecotourism in Ethiopia   Urban agriculture   Fundraising events   Sweet potato farmer   Urban agriculture   Urban agriculture   Coffee beans   Need a caffeine fix   Urban Agriculture   Biftu Beri women's group   Coffee cherries   Coffee farmer   Virunga coffee farmer   London coffee festival   Urban agriculture Addis Ababa   Ugandan coffee farmer   Ugandan coffee farmer   Chefs' football   Tanzanian women in business   Ethiopian coffee ceremony   Mary in her maize field in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya   Farmers in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia   The Biftu Beri all female group who protect the Harena forest in Ethiopia   Coffee cherries in eastern DR Congo   Ugandan coffee farmer   Maasai farmers in West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania   hartebeests in ethiopian grassland   Tanzanian farmer   Kenyan farming couple   Tanzanian farmer   Tanzanian farmer   International women's day         Sabrina Elba and Kenyan farmer Lilian Wolayo   London coffee festival   Tanzanian farmer on tractor   Royal parks half marathon runner   Minette Batters and David Exwood   A female sorghum farmer in Tanzania   Michael Palin in BBC Radio 4 studio   Women sorting French beans   Warehouse   Sunflower farmer   Female farmers in Singida   Female farmers in Singida   Female farmer Kenya   Warehouse in Tanzania            Farm Africa End Hunger Grow Farming appeal      Farm Africa End Hunger Grow Farming appeal                           Farm Africa ambassador Minette Batters   A farmer in Halaba, Ethiopia being interviewed by the BBC Media Action team   The Farm Africa team at COP27                                          Kenyan farmer   Virunga coffee farmer   Forestry Ethiopia   Virunga coffee   Virunga coffee   Kenyan farmer   Kenyan farmer   Ethiopian farmer   Regenerative agriculture farmer   DR Congo coffee webinar   Sesame seed in Tanzania   London marathon runner   African bird's eye chillies   African bird's eye chillies   African bird's eye chillies      Forest in Bale Ethiopia                                                   Silas Murichi on his farm in Embu County, Kenya                                          

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