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Funding Farm Africa's future.


We are facing a global food crisis.

Nearly one billion people globally live with severe food insecurity. Over three billion people are not able to afford a healthy, nutritious diet. Around 45 million children under the age of five are suffering from acute malnutrition.

The numbers are rising. The need to address the food crisis is urgent.

Farm Africa is a locally-led NGO, working in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo and Uganda, helping smallholder farmers to improve agricultural practices, build their links to markets and protect the environment for generations to come. Our work helps to create a resilient, rural Africa where people and nature thrive.

718,000 PEOPLE REACHED IN 2022

Smallholder farmers manage 80% of the farmland in sub-Saharan Africa. We are proud that local voices are the beating heart of our work - we know that those closest to the problem are invariably closest to the solutions.

To build a food-secure world for the next generation, we must recognise the importance of smallholder farmers in the global food system. These are the people bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, despite doing so little to cause it.


In 2022, Farm Africa reached 718,000 people across eastern Africa and we are not stopping there. We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including goals to to end poverty and hunger, and to limit and adapt to climate change by 2030. But we can’t do it alone.

Our work depends upon multi-year, visionary, philanthropic funding. By joining the Giving Circle for Farm Africa and committing to a minimum £5,000 per annum for three years, you will be directly addressing the poverty and food crisis and supporting farmers, women and young people to protect the environment and build prosperous, resilient and sustainable futures for generations.

The need is urgent, your transformative support is vital. Join us.

Sabrina Dhowre Elba, Giving Circle Patron

“I am delighted to support the Giving Circle for Farm Africa, helping to unlock the potential of young entrepreneurs and women in rural communities.

In a region with high youth unemployment, and in the face of the climate crisis, it is more important than ever to invest in sustainable agriculture.”

- Sabrina Dhowre Elba, Giving Circle Patron.

Photo by Lisa Murray

Giving Circle for Farm Africa membership

Giving Circle members are visionary investors in Farm Africa’s work. To join, we ask for a minimum annual donation of £5,000 for three years.

We will nurture your connection with Farm Africa’s mission and with fellow Giving Circle members, so that you experience the impact of your incredible support close up. We want to hear your insights and ideas and will provide inspiring content for you to share with your networks, bringing more people on board so that together we can bring about transformative change.



£5,000 per year for three years

- Annual virtual tour to see and hear directly from the communities we work with in eastern Africa.

- Invitation to a free, intimate and exclusive annual Giving Circle members' event.

- Invitation to Farm Africa’s Annual Supporters’ Meeting & AGM.

- Regular bespoke updates from the Farm Africa team about the impact we’re able to make with your support.

- A dedicated team member to answer any questions, and support you with any ideas you have to engage further with Farm Africa.

- A limited-edition badge of affiliation.

- Opportunity to appear on Farm Africa’s virtual honours board (should you wish).


£10,000 per year for three years

In addition to the above:

- Invitation to exclusive annual virtual Giving Circle Gathering chaired by our Chief Executive to engage in key issues.

- Hear about the impact of your support directly from a Farm Africa Project Manager or a smallholder farmer.


£15,000 per year for three years

In addition to the above:

- Exclusive opportunity to visit a Farm Africa project to see first-hand the impact Farm Africa has in eastern Africa.

- Please note Giving Circle members will be required to fund their own flights. Farm Africa will manage all local arrangements.

Lucia Chami, Babati District, Tanzania

“It was Farm Africa who introduced me to beekeeping. Beekeeping is great because it conserves the environment and it increases my income. Because bees need trees to make honey, it encourages us to plant more trees so we can get more honey. Every year I plant more trees.”

Photo by Farm Africa / Jon Spaull

For enquiries and to join the Giving Circle for Farm Africa please contact Amie Gardner, Head of Major Gifts, on or call +44 330 107 2840.


Find information on the Giving Circle for Farm Africa from the USA here. If you would like to make a donation from the USA, please donate below.


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