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Green fingered? Love getting stuck in the mud or creating flower crowns? Support Farm Africa and bring the power back to the flowers in whatever way you can.

Farm Africa is training farmers across eastern Africa to grow and sow sustainably, however we need your support to continue our work to help some of the poorest farming families across eastern Africa thrive!

Scroll down to find out how you can take part and have free seed packets delivered to your door.


What is Get in the Garden?

It is as simple as it sounds! Whether you have a garden, patio or park around the corner there are so many ways to share your love for gardening and flowers with friends and family while fundraising for our charity.

Keep it simple or get creative. Take on a challenge or host an event - you choose!

Here's a few ideas to get you going:

  • 100 minutes of gardening. Volunteer your time and complete 100 minutes of gardening for a friend, family or neighbour in exchange for a donation to Farm Africa. Or ask people to sponsor you for taking on the challenge.
  • Host an open garden. Collect donations upon entry.
  • Walk in wellies. Walk 10km with 10 people, visiting gardens and parks along your route.
  • Organise a flower crown craft class. Teach your craft for an hour in exchange for donations.

Need a few more ideas? Give us a call on 020 7841 5160. Together we can grow futures.


How do I join in?

Fundraising for Farm Africa couldn't be simpler. Here are four key steps.

  • Decide your fundraiser and read our digital fundraising guide!
  • Click and create. Create your fundraising page for Farm Africa with JustGiving. Click the orange 'Fundraise' or 'Donate' buttons to ensure your donations come to Farm Africa. If you're fundraising, follow the instructions to set up your JustGiving fundraising page - you will be asked to log in or sign up. This will only take a few minutes and then you're ready to go!
  • Target and tell. Ask your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues to sponsor you for your challenge or attend your fundraiser. Tell people why you are fundraising for Farm Africa and how their donation can make a difference! If you would like a charity bucket or two just let us know.
  • Share and smile! Share posts and photos before, during and after your challenge on social media using #TeamFarmAfrica and smiling selfies. The more updates, the more engagement, the more donations!


What difference can I make?

Every pound, dollar, euro or rand raised can continue to provide the best training and tools for rural families in eastern Africa, to grow their incomes while also protecting their local environment for generations to come. We have already made an impact, flourishing the futures of 10,000 sunflower farmers with drought resistant seeds, and we want to help empower even more female farmers to do the same. Discover more about our current sunflower project in Tanzania here.


Fancy some free seeds?

Get your green fingers on some fantastic biodegradable, plastic-free seed pods that are ready to plant in your kitchen window or garden for FREE!

We've partnered with SeedCell to provide you with a handful of seeds related to our projects in eastern Africa, so that you can grow them too! We currently have seed pods for chillis, sunflowers, green beans and mangetout. These are just a few of the crops we help farmers grow in eastern Africa. 

Complete the short form below and we’ll send these seeds to you as soon as we can*.

Seeds delivered to your door

Fill in your details to receive a free packet of seeds as part of your Get in the Garden fundraiser!



By registering your details, you give us consent to contact you about this event. Farm Africa uses your data responsibly - for further information visit

*UK supporters only. Seed varieties are limited, we are unable to take specific requests.

Photo credit: Farm Africa / Jjumba Martin

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