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David's story

David, a Pastor and farmer from Kitui, Kenya David, a Pastor and farmer from Kitui, Kenya

David is both the Pastor at the Deliverance Church, and a farmer. He lives with his wife, Kavutha and their children in Kitui, Kenya where drought is common. Before working with Farm Africa, the fragile crops of maize he planted did not survive when the rains failed.

Before Farm Africa… we used to plant any seeds we got and some were not well suited to this region.

Whenever David did manage to reap a small harvest to sell, he was desperate for money. Forced to sell to passing traders or at the local market, he often got a lower price than his produce was worth. David struggled to provide for his family and to send his children to school.

Your church can help more farmers transform their lives this Harvest.

Your support could help more farmers like David start planting high-quality seeds for drought-tolerant crops such as sorghum and green grams (mung beans). Your church could help us teach farmers how to make the best use of every drop of rain that falls, as well as bring farmers together as a group to sell their produce in bulk so they can demand a higher price.

We bring our crops together and united we have bargaining power. Thanks to Farm Africa, I am earning money from the training they have given, and I know there is a market for my harvest and I will sell it for a fair price.

Today, David’s family has enough food to eat and to sell. With your help, many more families will have the chance to give hunger the boot, and escape poverty for good.

Please fundraise for Farm Africa this Harvest and help more farmers like David look forward to a brighter future.