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Mulu's story

Mulu lives in northern Ethiopia’s remote Tigray region. The landscape is very mountainous and arid. Mulu has a small amount of land where she grows millet and teff to eat, but not enough to sell to pay for household essentials. In October last year, Mulu was given three female goats by her neighbour, Abrehet as part of the Farm Africa goat rearing project. She is delighted that one of her goats is now pregnant, and will soon produce a kid. Mulu's first three kid goats will then be given to another women farmer in the local area, producing a wonderful ripple effect. Our goat project is devised to keep on giving. It doesn’t just help one family in the short term; it helps many families change their lives forever.

Mulu has attended a training session in goat care and has learnt how to use local materials to build a goat house. She works hard to take care and breed her goats and is looking towards a bright future.

She says "From the money I earn from the goats I will buy myself and my daughter new clothes – and buy food from the market. I also hope to be able to have three meals a day."

A gift from you could help provide another woman with three goats and training in how to look after them, that will go on to benefit many more families in the years to come.