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Abrehet's story

Abrehet lives in a remote rural community in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. The land is dry and rocky which makes it hard to grow crops. However, goats are particularly well adapted to the harsh conditions and are the perfect livestock to keep.

Abrehet was really pleased to receive three goats directly from Farm Africa, back in August 2013. She attended training sessions where she learnt how to build a safe home for her goats using locally available materials, as well as what to feed them and how to care for them. Abrehet worked hard to look after her goats and soon after her goats produced nine kids! Three of these were given to her neighbour Mulu. You can also read Mulu's story here. Abrehet sold one male kid at the market, and used the money she earnt to buy food, and medicines for her son who has an eye infection. She also bought two chickens to earn extra money from selling their eggs.

She happily exclaimed "I am now considered very rich in comparison to other farmers around me." Abrehet is now able to provide her family with everything that they need to thrive, not just survive.

A gift from you today could help provide another woman like Abrehet with three goats that will go on to help many more families in the years to come.