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Connecting barley farmers with business

Farm Africa is working on a pilot project with smallholder farmers in the Oromiya region of Ethiopia, training them to produce high-quality barley and helping them market their crop – for example to Diageo, an international drinks company. Diageo will use the barley to brew beer.

High-quality brewing barley

  • We are training farmers to produce barley of high-enough quality to sell to an international drinks company.
  • We have helped link farmers to Diageo by arranging individual contracts with each farmer and helped farmers understand the process and their obligations as part of the contract.
  • We are equipping the farmers with all the tools they need for threshing, weighing and producing high-quality barley.
  • Farmers will receive 10% more than the local rate for the barley they produce for Diageo.
  • We are keeping farmers fully engaged and committed to the scheme by organising regular meetings.

Who are we helping?

We are working with 750 local farmers whose families will also benefit from the farmers’ involvement in this pilot project.

Who are we working with?

We are working with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency and Diageo.