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Saving a generation; growing a new one

The Kenyan coast has the highest concentration of cashew nut trees in the country. But the last generation of these trees are dying, and with them, the chance for farmers to support their families.
We can't let this happen.

Cashews have been cultivated on the Kenyan coast for many generations, contributing substantially to the livelihoods of local communities. Sadly, most trees are now old and have passed their peak so their yields are decreasing, pushing farmers and their families into poverty. 

Many farmers don’t know that their trees can continue to produce nuts if they’re pruned in the right way, and they steer away from planting new cashew trees that could become very profitable.

That's why Farm Africa is working with farmers to rejuvenate the old generation of cashew nut trees whilst simultaneously planting new seedlings, to prepare the next generation of strong and healthy trees.

With thriving trees, farmers can increase their incomes and create more prosperous futures for their families. 

With your support, we can save this generation of trees and grow a new one – giving hope to farmers today and long into the future. Please donate today.