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Protecting their livestock. Protecting their land. Protecting their futures. 

You can help farmers protect their futures You can help farmers protect their futures

Please give a gift today that could help farmers provide for their families, whilst protecting the land they call home. 



Dry conditions

Lack of grass in the lowlands forces pastoralist communities to take on long and dangerous journeys up towards the highlands to find food for their animals. 


Allowing animals to graze in the forest contributes to deforestation, endangers unique plant life and damages natural resources such as wild coffee, an important source of income for forest communities.


Deforestation reduces the amount of water the ground can retain. This further depletes the water supply that lowland communities and thousands of others rely on - and worsens the problems that forces them to relocate in the first place. 

Life was not comfortable for us in the forest. During the night it was very cold. We had to make fires to keep warm. We got ill a lot during that time.



Give a gift today... Give a gift today...

...and you could help farmers to find ways to provide for their families, whilst protecting their land and its natural resources for generations to come. 







Every December, families take on long journeys that are dangerous for themselves, their animals and the land itself.

Please make a donation today to protect their futures.

In the Bale Eco-region of Ethiopia, the dry season starts in December. In the lowlands of Bale, where Kaamila (pictured above) lives with her children, the earth becomes hard and any grass often dries up completely.  

Lowland communities like Kaamila's rely on livestock to earn a living, but during the dry season, with no food or water for her animals, Kaamila was forced to take her children and her cattle on a dangerous three month journey through the forest, sleeping in freezing, damp conditions, just to find food for her animals. 

Kaamila was one of many farmers risking everything like this. But not only did this journey endanger the lives of their families and their cattle, the grazing of their animals also contributed to deforestation, which reduces the amount of water the ground can retain, worsening the problem that forced them to relocate in the first place. 

But this year, Kaamila and her family will not be making the journey. 

Help farmers like Kaamila to find safe ways of providing for their families.

Farm Africa is working with lowland communities, helping them to form Rangeland Management Co-operatives. Members participate in training that provides them with the skills and knowledge to better manage their land, so they have year-round access to water and grass for their livestock. This means families like Kaamila's no longer need to relocate when the dry season begins. 

For Kaamila, being at home all year means that her children's education is not disrupted. She's also able to grow crops to eat and sell, vastly improving her earnings. And crucially, by staying in the lowlands she's no longer worsening the damage to the precious Eco-region by allowing her livestock to graze in the forest. Read Kaamila's full story.

The difference is you.

With your support, we could reach more families like Kaamila's. By helping farmers protect their livestock, we are not only helping them provide for their families today, we are also helping them protect their land for generations to come. 

Donate today and help protect more lives, more land and more futures.