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One potato solving two problems

Help farmers grow healthier, more prosperous futures.

In the Teso sub-region of Uganda, over half of the population live below the poverty line, and many battle against hunger and malnutrition. Vitamin A deficiency is not uncommon, particularly among children, causing weakened immune systems and even blindness. 

In this region, most families earn their income through agriculture. But unpredictable weather, outbreaks of pests and crop diseases and an unpredictable market can make farming a precarious business. 

Yet these problems are preventable. And the solution is a humble orange sweet potato.

Farm Africa is helping farmers in the Teso sub-region produce a steady supply of this wonderful orange vegetable that is rich in vitamin A, in order to increase their incomes and lift their families out of poverty. All whilst helping their wider communities to improve their diets and reduce the risk of terrible and unnecessary health problems. 

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 All photos: Esther Mbabazi / Farm Africa