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Mother, provider, producer, survivor.

Women like Hailo shouldn’t be just surviving. With your help, they can thrive.

Hailo lives in rural South Omo, Ethiopia – one of the poorest, most marginalised and malnourished areas in eastern Africa. The harsh and unpredictable climate there can make it impossible to grow enough crops or keep cattle healthy. With little food and no other ways to earn an income, it’s no surprise that families are often left on the brink of critical poverty.

Can you make a donation today, to help Hailo and women like her build better, more secure futures for their families?

Hailo is the mother of three children. She was married, but sadly her husband passed away a few years ago, so she is raising her family on her own. 

“I am responsible for everything. I plough the land, I do the weeding and also harvest. There is only me. If there is a drought my crops do not grow. We don’t get anything from our farm during the dry season, so at that time I make charcoal and collect firewood and carry it to the town to sell. But it is so hard to provide for my children alone.”- Hailo 

However, Hailo is a woman who never gives up. She simply can’t. Her children cannot survive without her. They rely on her to provide everything, so Hailo knows that if she has nothing to give, she could lose everything.

That’s why Farm Africa has just launched a new goat rearing project in South Omo to support strong, determined women like Hailo and their families.

Goats are easy to care for and are hardy animals that can survive in extremely dry conditions. Rearing goats can give women a reliable income all year round, and provide a source of nutritious milk for their children to drink. 

"When my goats breed and their numbers increase, I will have a continuous supply of milk for my children."

Hailo, and women like her, will also learn how to earn additional money by making goods like cheese and butter to sell at the market. Their current grueling workloads will reduce, whilst their incomes will increase dramatically. And they will no longer be as vulnerable to the devastating effects of drought.

We help farmers learn all the skills they need to thrive, long after the project ends. So, when the women have started to build their goat herds, they will pass on some of their goats' kids to another woman in their community – so they too can have the chance to build a more secure, prosperous future for their family.

With your support, we can help more women like Hailo take care of their families today, and in years to come. So please, if you can, make a donation today. Thank you.



This project receives funding from UK aid from the UK government.