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Give Hunger the Boot with your friends and community

Friends and family taking part in a welly walk to give hunger the boot! Friends and family taking part in a welly walk to give hunger the boot!

Help African farmers Give Hunger the Boot by getting together with your friends or community group and fundraising in your wellies! 

You can help African farmers give hunger the boot by rounding up your friends and family and pulling on your wellies for some fun fundraising! Use the contact form below to let us know what you are planning and we can provide support and fundraising materials. Stuck for ideas? Have a browse through our welly good ideas!

The Great African Welly Walk
Help us walk 16,000 miles around Africa! Choose a date, set a route and invite your group, friends and family along to join The Great African Welly Walk and help end hunger, for good. You could ask everyone taking part to make a donation, or if your walk is particularly challenging you could raise sponsorship. You can even download a personalised certificate to celebrate how far you walked. 

Welly good cakes

Is baking one of your skills? You could invite your friends round for a cuppa and a welly-shaped biscuit or host a cake stand at a local event such as a summer or Christmas fair.

Wear your wellies
Whether it’s to work, school, church or band practice ask everyone to make a donation to be allowed to wear their wellies on a fixed day.

Welly wanging
Who can throw their wellies the furthest? Hold a competition in your garden or at the local park. Why not make it an after-dinner activity or combine with some welly-shaped refreshments.

Beef wellington
Host a dinner party – with beef wellington on the menu. Or you could cook a traditional African meal such as rice and beans with kale. If you celebrate harvest in your community why not make it a harvest meal? You could ask people to ‘buy one and give one’ – donate once for their own meal and once to help a farming family in Africa.

(Car) Boot sale

Take the opportunity to have a clear-out and sell your old toys, clothes books and bric-a-brac to raise money for Farm Africa.

Fill your boots
Wellies can make a great collection box. Keep one in your living room and see how much loose change you can collect in a month. If you want to organise a more formal collection in your community please get in touch for more information. 

Get in touch on 020 7430 0440 or by emailing to let us know how you are planning to take part in give hunger the boot,

Alternatively use the form below to let us know what you are planning and we will help in any way we can.

We look forward to hearing from you!