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Farm Africa and Aldi UK

Aldi, one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, is working with Farm Africa in a three-year partnership to give young farmers in western Kenya the support they need to grow themselves out of poverty.

In western Kenya, 80% of unemployed people are under 35. This not only means that many young people don’t have a regular income and become trapped in cycles of poverty, but it’s also bad for farming – agriculture needs the talent and innovative approach that young people bring with them.

Jonathan Neale, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK meeting farmer Joseph Kiplagat on his green bean farm.

The Growing Futures project trains young people in how to grow high-quality crops, like green beans, tomatoes and kale, as well as how to run their farms as businesses. The result is higher yields and higher profits. 

Joseph Kiplagat, a young farmer taking part in the project, describes the impact the project has had on his family:

“I have benefited a lot from the project. After the training, I had to enlarge my projections of tomatoes and French beans. After doing this project, we have money, we can meet all the requirements in the family: like taking the children to school. The family is raised up: we can meet the balanced diet.”

It’s not just farmers taking part in the project who are benefiting. Thriving businesses like Joseph’s create jobs for other local people, so the project has wider impact across the whole community. Joseph says:

“When we started the projects, like the French beans we are harvesting now, we created employment within our people. During planting, education and spraying, when we have access to money, we hire labour. Different people within our community are benefiting: ladies, men and youths not involved in the projects.”

Aldi is donating over £260,000 over the three years to help empower more than 400 young people in Kenya to build thriving farming businesses, which will reduce poverty, improve food security and ensure a sustainable future for their families.

From 7 to 21 November 2018 green beans grown by young farmers participating in Growing Futures will be on sale across ten Aldi stores. Look out for the Farm Africa branded packs!

The partnership between Aldi and Farm Africa is one example of how responsible food businesses are impacting positively in regions where they source their produce.

If you have any questions on the partnership then please contact the Farm Africa Corporate Partnerships Team on

Photo: Farm Africa / Lisa Murray