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Annual Review

Reaching more people than ever

In 2015, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we not only reached more people than ever before - a huge 1.8 million - but we also delivered better value for money, with 88p in every £1 being spent on charitable activities.

And most importantly, we've been able to make real changes to the lives of farming families - from fish farmers in Kenya to coffee growers in the mountains of Ethiopia.

Highlights from our Annual Review

Protecting forests
We've reduced deforestation in Bale, Ethiopia by around 81% in three years, avoiding around 5.7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions - the same carbon footprint as flying everyone in Scotland to New York and back!


Developing businesses
We're working to create a strong aquaculture sector in Kenya. By filling the gaps in local markets and building up local aqua shops, we've helped fish farmers to increase their incomes by over 50%.


Increasing yields
We’ve helped sesame farmers in Babati, Tanzania increase their yields fourfold. And with more sesame grown and less wasted, they have more to sell at market.


For our Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Statements click here.

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