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Sponsor a farmers' group

For just £10 a month, you can help farmers in Africa to feed their families, forever.

Choose a country to support with a regular gift, and you will receive regular updates so that you can follow the progress of a group of farmers living there. Your donations will help farmers in your chosen country to overcome the huge challenges they face when providing for their families, or you can ask Farm Africa to use your gift wherever the need is greatest. We'll help farmers get the best from their land, and each farmer will be encouraged to share what they've learned with others – so that eventually, whole communities will have enough to eat, for good.



Helping farmers build a livelihood by growing peppers

Peppers are an important cash crop in Halaba, Ethiopia. But if farmers cannot afford the right seeds and fertilisers to grow a healthy harvest, they are unable to provide for their families.

Your support will give groups like the Feregat Pepper Group access to the best seeds, and training in how to care for them. And they will also receive help to market and sell their produce in bulk, so they can earn the best possible price.

Click here to find out more about the Feregat Pepper Group.

Sponsor a group in Ethiopia



Providing farmers with solutions to frequent droughts

Members of the Ebenezer Self Help Group live in Mwingi, Kenya. Here, a lack of high-quality seeds and unreliable rainfall make it difficult for farmers to grow enough.

Your support will provide groups like this with seeds for drought-tolerant crops, and training in water conservation techniques such as drip irrigation – helping them to ensure that their harvests are always big and healthy.

Click here to find out more about the Ebenezer Group.

Sponsor a group in Kenya