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Water and growth

02 September 2016

As World Water Week comes to a close, Farm Africa's Head of Agriculture James Mwololo reflects on the difference that good water management can make to farmers' lives.

Sowing the seeds for success

03 August 2016

Onesmus Mwangangi, Farm Africa's project officer in Kitui, Kenya, is helping farmers access the seeds they need for their farms to thrive even in dry conditions.

Sharing knowledge in Katine's community

15 July 2016

John Opio, a farmer from Katine, Uganda, attended an agricultural course in the UK so that he could feed new farming knowledge back to his community.

Why we believe that aid to Africa works

01 July 2016

Farm Africa believes that aid works. Director of Programmes Michelle Winthrop writes about how our projects really have changed lives in rural African communities. 

Trading spaces: how new markets are opening up for eastern Africa's smallholder farmers

21 June 2016

Rachel Beckett, Farm Africa's Country Representative in Uganda, writes about how our new FoodTrade project is already putting down roots in the sub-county of Katine.